What it is

The Goliard Scholarship is a whimsical effort by the Goliard Board to encourage an international understanding in Rice University's leaders of tomorrow.  The University is steeped in a deep tradition of training of study of theory, close examination of the relevant literature, construction of solutions to hypothetical problems, and of course lecture-style give-and-take. The Board understands how crucial this standards-based approach has been in shaping the leadership potential of the average Rice student.

However, the Goliard Board feels that this time-tested technique may fail to bring out the potential of some students. Such students might feel claustrophobic with the current collegiate boundaries, penned in by the fences and gates of rote learning and accepted academic behavior. Such students might dream off-campus dreams.  Such students might, upon waking in a suite in SRC or a room in Jones or perhaps that little efficiency off Montrose, imagine eating a stuffed bollito from a street vendor in a small town in the silver-mining mountains of Mexico, or strolling in the brisk breeze and strong sunlight of Istanbul. The Goliard Scholarship is meant for such students.

The Scholarship can lessen the financial baggage that accompanies travel. It might be large enough to cover all travel costs.  Or, perhaps the scholarship only lightens just a small fraction of travel's monetary load. It doesn't matter.  Nor does it matter whether the money is spent on a thousand incidental items to travel such as the early-morning coffee or tea or newspapers, or whether the money is spent on one specific venture such as that tour of Siberian vodka distilleries in wintertime that just seemed too financially fanciful until now.

The student seriously considering applying for the Scholarship should note that the Board currently has very little data pertaining to whether this scholarship actually promotes leadership, organization or even originality of thought.  Similarly, the Board is uncertain of the effect taking this Scholarship will have on future U.S. GNP or productivity numbers.  Despite these uncertainties, the Board remains guardedly optimistic that the Scholarship will contribute to the GNP of whatever countries the recipient deigns to visit.