The Rigorous Goliard Selection Process:

  • March 28

    • AM

      • The Board convenes in the morning to identify three to five finalists

      • Finalists will be contacted at the various numbers on their cover sheets until an interview time can be arranged. Interview invitation calls will be made between 10 AM until 12 noon.  Finalists who do not answer the call will be omitted from consideration so please leave plenty of numbers. 

    • Afternoon (after Beer Bike)

      • On-campus personal interviews are held

    • Evening

      • The Goliard Award Winner will be invited to a dinner with the board at a Swankienda near campus.

  • The selection Goliard Board is:

    Each Goliard scholar is to submit a report for the Committee upon return from his/her travels. This report will be kept in the Goliard archives.