Goliard Scholar: 2000

Blair Christian

The recipient of the 2000 Goliard Travel Scholarship, Blair Christian 00 will be traveling to the Far East and the Bordeaux region of France to examine the cultural roles of cooking and food.

In a trip that will take him from the kitchens of classically trained chefs to those of local townsfolk, he expects to get a unique perspective of Japanese and French cuisine. He looks forward to learning how to prepare regional cuisine as well as collecting samples of various fermented food products, which he will examine later for their antibiotic properties.

Christian will begin the summer in Fukuoka, Japan, studying the intricacies of Japanese food preparation and presentation under the tutelage of a Japanese chef, followed by homestays with local families.

"I am very interested in seeing how differently the Japanese value their cuisine in comparison with Americans and to see how accurate my perceptions are," Christian said.

A trek across North Central Asia on the Trans-Siberian Railway will bridge him to France, where he hopes to get "insight into what many consider the basis of modern Western cooking."

Christian will spend a month studying classic French cuisine as a sous-chef followed by a couple weeks of homestays to experience "cooking with Frenchmen in their own kitchens."

"I plan to start a restaurant at some point in the future, and this trip will give me a valuable opportunity to expand the diversity of my cooking," Christian said.

The Goliard Travel Scholarship was founded in 1986 to help fund the travels of Rice students who have a desire to expand their horizons and challenge their worldviews.

Stolen from the Rice News.