Previous Goliard Scholars


Year Scholar Country/Region Synopsis
2015 Mitch Mackowiak Chile Look up and try not to trip: stars and hills in Houstonís opposite
2014 Melissa Kang France Age Like Fine Wine
2013 David Wimmer Ushuaia, Argentina Hanging with the Penguins at the End of the World: A Proposed Trip to Ushuaia, Argentina
2012 Centennial Give-away Elizabeth Tacy Argentina Send Me to Argentina
2012 Tiffany Ho Europe Three Pastries a Day: A Pastry Eating and Baking Tour of Europe
Catherine Yuh Europe View from the Top: Ballooning around the World
2011 Marina Masciale Western Europe Uke Jamming with the Street
2010 Nazima Zakhidova Uzbekistan Dancing Along the Silk Road- Pit Stop: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
2009 Kristen Hallberg South Africa AIR JAWS: A Master Class in How to Be Fierce, Yet Graceful
2008 Jim Ross Central Europe The Cultural Influence of Beer in Central Europe
2007 Ivey Ashe Japan Land of the Rising Sun and Sinking Fastball:Discovering the Japanese Baseball Experience
2006 Breck Garrett Iceland Culture and Folklore of Iceland
2005 Deana Shenaq Peru Journey to the Navel of the Earth
2004 Kathryn Goldfarb Japan Yama asobi: mountain play
2003 Tommy Belanger Andalucia, Spain Rafting on the Rio Guadalquivir
2002 Megan Lynn McGehee Germany and Ireland Tap Dance: Origins and Future
2001 Caroline Shaw Scandinavia Spelmanstamma Street Musician
2000 Blair Christian France & Far East Cultural Roles of Cooking and Food
1999 Ryan Steger China Three Gorges Dam
1998 Katherine E. Kuster Turkey Culinary Tour
1998 Leah Hill Netherlands Tulipomania by Bicycle 
1998 Dan Santavicca Italy Exploring the Roma culture of urban Europe
1997 Alejandro Hernandez Honduras Human rights  in Honduras during the 1980's
1996 Krista Noack Spain El Camino de las Estrellas 
1995 Tina Lorenson Australia Flying Doctors
1994 Kara Kane Ireland Folk tales of the Wee People and Irish Jigs
1993 Richard Francis Amazon Amazon Boat trip
1992 Tim League  Spain Sword-making in Toledo,Spain
1991 Julie Ansell Australia Goliard Scholar
1990 Adrian Treves Borneo Singing Gibbons 
1990 Debbie Schmidt United Kingdom  fact finding mission
1989 Steve Donlan USA "I'm an Englishman in New York" 
(and Grand Canyon, way to go Greyhound)
1989 Dan Cheyette, 
Jay Isaacson,
J. Webber
Nepal  Downing a Shaefer Lite on top of Mt. Everest
1988 John Abikaled  Europe Pub tour  ( guidance by Governor Iammarino)
1987 Scott C. Jones  Belize Belize
1986 Susan Mead China Dancing on tables in Shanghai  (Slow Page Load)